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2010 Review for ‘Prophecy of Power’

I’m always delighted when I come across a debut novel that blows me away. There are some reviewers that feel they need to be more critical of an author’s first work, focusing on an in-depth analysis of all the technical components of the work. It’s a given that every first novel is going to have some flaws. To be honest, I read to enjoy a story not dissect it. However, we’ve all read a book where the flaws make it hard to focus on the story. Prophecy of Power is Andrew Parker’s first novel, but it is so captivating, I was instantly drawn into the story and kept enthralled until the last page. Actually, I’m still enthralled and anxiously waiting for him to finish the sequel. I read others reviews of this book before I picked it up and while they were favorable, several did make a point of focusing on minor technical flaws. For me, if there were mistakes, I was too mesmerized by the characters and story to notice.

Prophecy of Power brings to life parts of the Book of Revelations in a very timely manner. Parker takes the mysticism out of the bible’s final book and gives it modern relevance. The central character, Rabbi Jacob Droutman has led an unassuming life. As he discovers he is questioning his Jewish beliefs and exploring his curiosity of other religions, he becomes entangled in murder, missing persons, government deceptions and cover-up plots by religious powers. He begins a journey that will put his life and others in jeopardy as he tries to solve a mystery that could reveal who the final world power is that signals the end of days. There are those who will do anything to find the answers and others who will stop at nothing to keep them hidden. Parker has written an enigmatic page turner that will have you holding your breath as you wait to see what happens next. Five out of five stars.

C. Carter Martina


Always believe in yourself and follow your dreams!
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